The Color Purple

What Comes Next Is the Future

I seriously can’t wait for this.

George Monbiot – Abbottalypse Now

It’s a sad day for Australians.

New Camille Howie site featured on absorb. Site by yours truly.

New Camille Howie site featured on absorb. Site by yours truly.

Buying new gear

I’ve been thinking on the topic of buying new computer gear recently. This is aimed mostly at freelance / business owner types who are generally in charge of purchasing their own stuff. So, without further ado:

Don’t skimp on quality stuff

This is what you’ll be using for the next few years - EVERY DAY. It is totally worth it to spend a little more for good quality. As they say, quality is remembered long after cost is forgotten.

Buy on the upward curve

Few things are more disappointing than your gear being out of date soon after you’ve bought it. Technology updates generally come in waves. I made this mistake at the beginning of the year, when I bought a new laptop right before the next model was released.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until it’s critical. Plan ahead for your next update. Waiting till your current gear fails is a sure fire way to end up getting something you’re disappointed with. I made this mistake earlier in the year also, when I had no option but to buy immediately.

Think about what you’ll actually need

Think carefully about how you’ll use your gear. Do you only ever work at the office, or do you work from home also? Is having one single machine a better choice, or would two machines be better? Laptop, desktop or both? Getting this right the first time will save you $$.

Upgrade regularly

Replacing your gear more regularly also has the benefit of having a semi-recent machine on standby if your new stuff fails (assuming you keep the old one). A spare machine can be a life-saver if your primary one is the repair shop for a week.

If you’re a business owner, you can also write off tax and depreciation at fairly generous rates, making the final cost a lot less than it seems.

Chch Creative

The website already lists small companies and freelancers across a range of creative and production trades — web designers, graphic designers, photographers, a copywriter. They’re all open for business and, as the Christchurch economy recovers, they’ll be needed.

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The new Campaign Monitor office

I have great admiration for the guys over at Campaign Monitor. Not only is their software truly great, but they apply the same high quality standard to everything they do. Check out this article on the design and construction of their new offices.

jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

The jQuery team have started work on:

A unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation.

This looks really promising. If the current jQuery library is anything to go by, this will likely become an essential part of any mobile web development.

So all those brilliant hover effects that were favorable for pointer-based devices, will be a hurdle in user experience on the iPad.
Inspired Mag has an interesting article on how the iPad is shaping the way we design and built websites.
A preview of MDrive Icon Set by Jairo Boudewyn (via Dribbble)

A preview of MDrive Icon Set by Jairo Boudewyn (via Dribbble)